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  • Laila Biali's House of Many Rooms

    You know an artist means business when they add the word “project” to a new undertaking. It means that there are concepts at play, there is a vision, often times that vision includes collaboration

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  • Brush With Greatness - Bob Leonard

    Radio broadcaster Bob Leonard was on the air in the American cities of Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas. Bob sent this gem of a tale about al Jarreau:

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  • Mark Wigmore's Top 5 - Week of April 27

    Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore has his Top 5 ideas for your week ahead in arts and entertainment.

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  • Inside The Regent Park School Of Music

    A couple of weeks ago, our own Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore sat down with Regent Park School of Music director Richard Marsella to talk a bit about what the school does, its importance to the commu

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    Welcome to show that’s all about arts on JAZZ.FM91. This is the program that goes deeper in the stories, the settings and the personalities that are behind the incredible arts scene in Toronto.

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