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  • Interview - Luis Mario Ochoa

    Vocalist, guitarist and composer, Luis Mario Ochoa is bringing his harmonic richness and rhythmical variety to Hugh's Room on August 5th for our annual World Music Festival.

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  • Newport Jazz Festival celebrates Miles Davis

    The Newport Jazz Festival is celebrating 60 years of Miles Davis!

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  • Zappa Family partners with UMe

    The Zappa Family Trust and Universal Music Enterprises have struck a deal, which will see the release of more Frank Zappa material.

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  • Interview, Cameron Bailey, TIFF

    Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival joined Garvia Bailey on Good Morning Toronto, Wednesday, to chat about life prior to TIFF, working as a music journalist, and what to expec

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  • The costumes of the Caribbean Carnival Parade

    This weekend, it is jump up time, Toronto! Thousands of people will be dancing along the Lakeshore as part of the Caribbean Carnival Parade.

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