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    Brush With Greatness - Daniel J. Christie

    This week we hear from listener Daniel J. Christie

    Hi Terry:

    Years ago, my wife and I were delighted to see Jeff Healey and The Jazz Wizards right here in Port Hope at our historic Capitol Theatre. Jeff never let a pause or a moment between numbers go by without mentioning that all of the band's CDs were available in the lobby. So frequent were his mentions that at some point, after the intermission, and again between numbers, the mood very happy, I replied to his entreaty from the audience - but before he actually said it: "Where would one find a CD of your music, Jeff, if one were interested"? To some, I must have sounded like a plant. But not to Jeff whose head went back in that signature manner, a huge laugh cracking up the hall. He attempted to say, straight-faced, the same pitch about the CDs being in the lobby, but struggled with laughter to get through it. It was a real Jeff Healy moment. One I often think about with a smile.


    Daniel J. Christie, Port Hope

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